June 3, 2017
The Unique Space
Los Angeles, CA

It was an honor working with Angela and Tony, and their wedding party, family and friends who all pitched in to make this a very special wedding in downtown Los Angeles. Their joy and enthusiasm was infectious! With the Unique Space as the canvas, this magical day had so many wonderful details from the handmade quilt at the altar to the shelves of photos to the papel picado banners. We loved helping bring their vision to life. 

From Angela: "I spent some time in event-planning for nonprofits - in fact, I got my start in events by working for April. So, needless to say I felt both confident that my partner and I could do it all AND all I could see when I daydreamed about the wedding were all the boring details that I had couldn't bring myself to care about if I wasn't being paid to care. That's when I knew that even if I *could* do it all, I shouldn't have to! Enter the Belles & Whiskey team - they were fantastic and totally critical to my being able to focus on the magic of the day rather than the nitty gritty. They somehow managed to fade into the background to take care of business, while also magically popping up the second Tony or I even thought we needed something. There was never a crisis to concern myself with (and if you've even thrown a dinner party, you know something is always about to go sideways!) because the team #handledit. Throwing a wedding is part hosting and part pageantry - my partner and I were dressed to kill, mingling and laughing with loved ones while B&W took care of all the nuts and bolts. Do yourselves a favor on your special day - hire these bosses!"

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Photos courtesy of Linda Abbott Photography.